A collaboration of
Experience design: Another New Design Studio
Space design: THINKK Studio
Garden design: Dot.TypeSpace
Soundscape: Thanavut Kosolwongse

Life in the midst of heatwaves and smog. Do you survive or surrender?

Siam Discovery presents “Spawn Point” for Bangkok dwellers to respawn after losing one of their lives in this City of Summer. Spawn Point offers visitors a path to immerse themselves in 4 botanically-supported domains and accessing the plant-derived life force via 4 sensorial engagements.

Alternate Reality: Stimulate your visual sense with an uncommon sight of biological organisms overlapping man-made space. This surreal mix of fact and fantasy triggers abstract thinking and boosts creativity.

Symbiosis: It’s high time to improve the relationship between humans and plants from “parasitism” (+,-) to “mutualism” (+,+). Taking time having dialogues with the plants* could be a good place to start. Put the headphones on, gently touch the plants, and listen to each of them.

HP Regen: This section uses scents to heal. To activate healthpoint regeneration, lightly rub the leaves on the shelf full of aromatic plants and inhale. Juxtaposing the shelf is an installation of multiple screens, oxygen concentrator, and essential oil diffuser replicating a plant’s seemingly simple, yet highly complex functions.

Cocoon: Curl up, hide, and “just be” in a cuddle of plants. Disconnect yourself from the world, put on these powerful noise-canceling headphones. Focus on the tactile sensation and textures. Leave when you are ready.

At the end of the journey, Spawn Point visitors will receive a portrait of their closed-eyes selves and a spirit plant that has grown within.

Photography: SkyGround
Campaign: City of Summer
Area: Main entrance