LANNA Factory


We are familiar with different kinds of lamps in Thailand’s flea markets, especially the popular cotton ball string lights. This inspired us to mimic the low-energy making process by creating our own low-tech machine that allows people to customize their one and only thread lamp.

The Lanna Factory is a simple wooden station that features five spindles – five thread colors – as well as a control wheel and foot pedals. The thread is pulled through a glue case and wrapped around a spinning PVC foam mold, activated by the pedals and “steered” using the wheel. When the glue dries, the lamp can be removed from the mold and attached to a fitting. The user can choose from a variety of molds, and control the direction and color of the thread, making each lamp truly unique.

We believe that everyone needs something that suits their lifestyle and interior space, but it is rarely found in mass production. For this reason, we created a lamp-making system that helps people customize their own lamps. From this Lanna Factory, lampshades can be produced in the same shape and color. But each one is different in detail. The finished lamps are made from a lattice of overlapping multi-coloured threads following the shape of the mold.

Project Assistant:
Nuttiya Ratchtrachenchai

DEmark Award 2016
Good Design Award 2016